Our Main Activities

We offer a variety of attractions and activities for different age groups.
See below for specific information about our programs.
  1. Come Play

    Our 11,000 square foot location is home to GIGANTIC, interactive inflatables, in a clean, climate-controlled environment.

    General Admission 

    $9 General Admission 3+ years and older
    $8 Children 1-2 years
    $5 bouncing adults
    Children under 1 …

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  2. Kids Night Out

    2nd and 4th Saturday
    6 – 9 pm
    We’ve got your date night covered!
    We’d love to help your kids burn off steam. Enjoy your night out, while your kids enjoy theirs. Have the peace of mind knowing that your kids are …

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  3. Pre-K Play

    Mon | Wed | Fri
    10am – noon
    We save this time for kids kindergarten and under ONLY. It gives them (and you!) a chance to explore our enormous environment without fear of being trampled by …

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  4. Tween Night

    1st and 3rd Friday
    6 – 9 pm
    Come join us for pizza, soda, loud music and NO little kids in sight!
    While your kids are ready for some independent time away from their parents with their friends, they still need adequate …

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  5. Family Fun Night

    2nd and 4th Friday
    6 – 9 pm
    Our twist on the burned out family fun night. Why stay at home when you can GLOW BOUNCE or Family Oriented Games?

    3 hours of play time
    A large 1-topping Little Caesars pizza
    2 liter …

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