Bouncing Off the Wall

Guthrie Family-2The Bouncing Off The Wall concept was born when owner Alissa Guthrie moved from Portland with her husband and young boys. They had been frequent visitors of a larger, well-known franchise in the metro area, and realizing that she wasn’t quite “the franchise type,” decided to give it a go on her own. After many months of labor intensive research, her concept for personalized service, state of the art equipment and a family friendly concept was born.

This small town location has been up and running for nearly six years now. Alissa has continued to provide a family focused atmosphere while also employing the very best staff found in Central Oregon. Her dedication to safety, cleanliness and an intuitive facility has brought them through the rough economic times. She is confident that you will fall in love with Bouncing Off the Wall whether you reside in Bend or are just visiting. This will be a place both you AND your kids will want to come back to.

My name is Alissa.

headshot 1I am the owner of Bouncing Off the Wall, and a mother of 3 boys, Jacob (15), Matthew (13) and Andrew (9). I’ve lived in Bend for about 12 years now, 10 of which have been as a business owner. While owning a business keeps me busy most of the time, I do find some time for recreational activities with my kids. Among those are hiking with our 1 year old lab puppy, biking, snow skiing, floating the river and most recently, paddle boarding (my favorite!!). My kids are very active and talented in sports.  My all-time favorite thing in the world to do is watch them play baseball. If you see me at a baseball field, you see me in my happy place.

Before Bouncing Off the Wall, I earned a degree in Elementary Education at Linfield College before teaching for a few years in the Portland area. I absolutely LOVE-LOVE-LOVE children. They are my passion and my reason to be on the planet. I feel so lucky to be able to work with them and all of you every day and call it my “job”. Thanks for supporting our local, family-owned business and letting me continue this passion of mine!

My name is Eliot.

I manage many of the daily operations, coordinate outdoor rentals and events, and generally do the heavy lifting here at Bouncing Off the Wall. You’ll also always find me at Tween Night and open play on the weekends during the busier months. I first visited BOTW for my son Cameron’s 4th birthday (he is now 12). He and my daughter McKenzie, Who is no 16 and working at BOTW, had an amazing time and I was really impressed by the attention to detail and quality service provided to our party. About a year later a chance meeting with a manger prompted me to apply for an open position and here I am today four years later. Each year I’ve grown more and more attached to the customers, quality and culture that we’ve developed as a team. One of my favorite aspects of this job is seeing our customers grow up, siblings be born, and sharing the most special day of a child (and parent’s) year…a birthday celebration.

In my free time, I love spending time with and around my kids! I’m an active dad and pride myself on being able to keep up with anything they throw at me. We haven’t had a lot of time to explore much of the local outdoor scene but I hope to in the coming year.  I’d love to instill a sense of adventure in them that the Central Oregon landscape affords.

singingMy name is Meredith.

I am a manager here at Bouncing Off the Wall. I work Tuesday/Thursday, Family Fun Night, Kids Night Out and usually at least one of the weekend play sessions.  I came to BOTW after moving back to Oregon after many years in Colorado. As well as being a mom to a grown son (Clay), I have had two career paths. The first was in retail and the second in elementary education. 16 years in a school with 5-12 year old children gives one a lot of perspective on learning, fun and “creative” thinking!

When not at work, I’m catching up on reading, figuring out my snowshoes, baking, and “running” a bed & breakfast for friends and family (and am glad they come visit)!