Come Play FAQ

Do You Have Food & Beverages For Purchase?

We do have a wide variety of snacks and beverages available. Pretty much any snack or meal food that you’d have at home for your own kids, we have some variation of…all the way up to some limited items for you as well. We have juices, teas, coffee drinks, kombucha, Italian sodas and more.

Do You Have Seating Areas for Parents?

We do! We have a generous lobby area with tables and chairs for times when you need to get some work done. For times when you’d rather sit back and relax, we have two large, leather sectional couches to sink into.

Do You Have WiFi?

Yes! We offer it free to our customers!

What is There for My Infant/Toddler to Do?

PLENTY! We have special places designed with just our youngest guests in mind! We want them to have fun and you to be able to relax knowing that they are safe as well. We have an enclosed “garden” for kids 2 and younger with toys and activities to stimulate their development and engage their senses. We also have baby swings, an exersaucer, a bouncy seat and a walker in case you just need a place to put them while you are engaged with your older child for a few minutes.
In addition to the garden, we have a special bounce house designated and designed for the under 3 crowd. Parents are allowed in this house, but can’t bounce. Kids in this bounce house are still working on their dynamic balance (balance while walking) and extra motion from parents bouncing scares them. Parents are allowed to encourage and assist in this bounce house but kids don’t need to be bounced.
Outside of these two areas, our policy is that children have to be able to independently explore our facility to be able to use it. Parents can assist kids with things like stairs or boosting them up onto something but can’t carry them up something or slide down with them. It’s downright unsafe. At no time should parents bounce while holding a child. If your child is too young to do these things on their own, they are just too young for the equipment.

Are There Other Things to do Than Just Bounce?

We have 5 giant bouncers that kids and adults can interact with. If they get bored or just need a break, we have a very large open floor to play on. We have balls, basketball hoops, ride on cars, hula hoops and more to play with in that large open space. We also have a play house, play kitchen, work bench, wood blocks, books, magnet blocks and a well-stocked infant/toddler area.

Can I Drop My Kids Off to Play?

Children under 16 years old MUST be attended by an adult at ALL times while in our facility for a play session. There are unfortunately no exceptions made to this rule. For their safety and security, if we find your child(ren) unattended, they will be required to sit and wait at the front desk until you return to the facility to pick them up or supervise their visit. At which time they will be so completely mortified they will likely never speak to you again! ☺ The only exception to this rule is scheduled birthday parties. We do allow kids to be signed in for birthday parties. You must walk them in for a party. Make sure that we have a waiver on file and give us a chance to put an emergency wristband on your child before leaving them.

Can We Celebrate a Birthday There Without Scheduling a Party?

We appreciate that you want to celebrate your child’s birthday with us at Bouncing Off The Wall. We’re a great place for a party! Please remember that because we offer our own birthday party packages, ‘walk-in’ parties are not allowed. This means that you cannot bring any type of party items in with you when you come for an open play session (cake, cupcakes, balloons, gifts, etc.) You are more than welcome to come for the play portion of your party, and then return home for cake, gifts, etc. If you do plan to come with friends to play for your birthday, please let us know in advance if at all possible. This helps us be prepared with staffing and a special birthday surprise for your child! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Is This a Good Place for My Child With Special Needs?

Children with special needs are always welcome to come play at Bouncing Off the Wall! We’d like to let you know that we are an active, fast paced, highly stimulating, and often quite noisy environment however, as this isn’t always something that is compatible with all children. There are definitely times of the day and week that are quieter than others, so if that is something that you are interested in hearing more about, please ask. If your child’s particular need is not outwardly apparent, it would be helpful if you would share it with us when you come in. That way we can discuss what pieces of our equipment might be more suitable for them, safer for them to navigate, how our staff can best interact with them if we need to reinforce a safety rule, etc. Also, if there is anything that we can do to accommodate your needs or help either of you feel more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to ask. We have many regular customers who have seen tremendous social strides in their children by attending play session regularly.