What do I need to bring the day of the party?

• Cake
• Candles
• Adult Supplies (plates, napkins, cups, forks, etc.)
• Extra Socks
• Camera & Extra Batteries

What things should I consider as I plan my party?

• Please keep in mind as you are making your food plans that some children have severe food allergies. You might check with parents as they RSVP, so that they can either provide a backup treat or you can plan for one. You certainly wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out!

• Keeping the food choices simple works great for kids (whether its pizza, soda, cake or ice cream!) Giving them too many choices of what to eat may seem like you’re being a great party host, but really makes things more complicated, chaotic and quickly overwhelms your party guests and the birthday child. Stick with simple things if at all possible (i.e. cheese pizza, 1 type of drink, 1 flavor ice cream or better yet—ice cream cups!) You’ll feel much more relaxed and save money at the same time!

• If you think that you will have a large number of adults, (more than 15) please consider switching to the last party of the day. Our party room can comfortably seat the amount of children included in your party package and a handful of adults. We don’t have the room for much more than that, nor can we accommodate an abundance of food or beverages to serve them. With this option, your adult guests will have the flexibility to move between the seating areas in our play room and the party room. We can also set up a separate food staging area for the adults so it’s not so confusing.

What things are provided?

We provide all the party supplies (plates, napkins, utensils, table covers, balloons, Capri Suns) as well as a discount coupon for each child. Some packages may have additional inclusions but these items are standard for each package. We also provide all the set up, clean up and staffing for your event. Per your package, you have 1 dedicated party host for your entire party. There is always a manager on duty during your party, but they will generally not be assisting your host in the party room. If you feel that you will need additional staffing for your party for whatever reason, it can be arranged for an additional charge. We do not provide supplies for adults in the party package. You can add these items on to your package if you wish for us to provide them. The charge is $10 and will include plates, napkins, forks and cups for up to 20 adults. If you are planning to provide the supplies for adults, please remember to include ALL of these items as we won’t have any of them available for you.

What if we want to serve the guests ourselves?

You are more than welcome to be as involved in your party as you’d like to be…after all, it’s YOUR party! We staff our parties with a party host to relieve as much of the burden of coordinating party details as possible for you so that you can relax and be engaged with your guests. However, if you’d like to be the one to serve the cake or assist with gift opening, we’ll stand aside and let you run the show. As long as your party stays within the time frame allowed for each segment of the party, we’re happy to give you this flexibility.

Do you need to know if I have a special theme?

If your child has a special theme for their party and you are planning on providing ANY themed supplies that are regularly included in your party package (i.e. plates, napkins, table covers, balloons, etc), we do ask that you drop those off to us at least 24 hours in advance of your party time. This helps us be prepared and to coordinate our supplies and colors with what you are providing. If you are supplying any table decorations, centerpieces or party favors- we ask that those be unwrapped from packaging and fully assembled prior to drop off. You can imagine that with as many as 8 parties in a day, scheduled back to back, the more prepared we can be ahead of time, the better our service is to our guests.

How early should we arrive?

We ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before your party. Our parties are scheduled close together, and we will be utilizing every last minute between them to prep the facility for your party. It’s also the only time that party hosts can catch a break! We have a very efficient check-in process and promise to get your party guests playing as soon as they arrive. If you have special items that you’d like for us to set up in the party room for you (goody bags, balloons, food, beverages) we can take those from you when you arrive. As mentioned, we ask that themed party supplies will have been dropped off already so we are prepared to set those up for you.

Can I extend my bounce-room time if the kids would rather play than party?

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend bounce-room time. Our parties are scheduled in such a way that there is only 30 minutes between one party leaving the bounce room and another party entering. If we extend your bounce-room time, this takes away the time that we have to clean and prep the play and party rooms for the party following yours. Likewise, we cannot extend party room time either. Your party must start and end on time in order to keep us on schedule and able to provide the same quality and level of service to all our parties. In the event that the party room is not vacated on time at the conclusion of your party, an additional $25 fee will be assessed. To assist in keeping things on schedule, we like to tell parents who drop their children off for parties to come back about 10-15 minutes prior to the end of the party. This helps insure that everyone is ready to go on time, and you don’t get charged a late departure fee for running over. We thank you in advance for your help in keeping things on schedule!

We would like to choose the equipment that is set up, how can we do that?

You are always welcome to request certain pieces of equipment. We will do our best to honor these requests, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to have them at your party. The Velcro wall, Jousting or Sumo Wrestling are very popular choices. They also require additional supervision by staff. For that reason, we have included them in a Deluxe Party Package only. If you are interested in these options, please consider switching your party to a Deluxe Package.

Are service gratuities appropriate?

Yes, and very much appreciated! Our party hosts work exceptionally hard to both entertain all the kids at your party, as well as provide top notch service to meet or exceed all of your expectations as the party parent. We want your experience to be relaxed, enjoyable and most important, FUN! Guests are welcome to leave a service gratuity (we recommend somewhere between 10-15% of your party package) based on the level of service they feel they were provided. It is completely optional, just a little something to thank them for their hard work…

What if my guests forget socks or their liability waiver?

We recommend that you include the link to our liability waiver with your invitations. This will help guests remember that one is required, but it will also speed up the check-in process of your party and allow the kids more time to PLAY!! If guests forget to complete one ahead of time, they can do this when they drop their child off. Even if a guest has played with us before, they may or may not have filled out the electronic version that we are now requiring. Parents should check to make sure that we DO have one on file for them before leaving their child at the party. We also recommend that you bring some extra socks with you for party guests who forget. They are available for purchase and we’ll be glad to add them to your package or guests can purchase them directly through us.

Can parents drop kids off for parties?

For birthday parties, we do allow parents to drop children off. We will place a numbered wristband on the child when they arrive, and give the parent a “claim check” with the same number. The wristband will have the name of the child and emergency contact info for the parent, should anything happen while the parent is away. If your party is private (Classic or Deluxe) at the conclusion of the party, our party host will check to make sure that the child leaves with his/her parent, unless other arrangements have been made.