Yes, while the unit is in use, it MUST remain plugged in and the blower unit switched on. Once unplugged, they deflate.

The only time that we ask you to deflate the unit is at the end of the rental period, or in the event of inclement weather. Inclement weather would be defined as :

  • Winds exceeding 20mph (or gusts that you feel decrease the stability of the unit- – moving the side walls, lifting at the anchor points)
  • rain or snow (more than the lightest sprinkling)

In the event of inclement weather, we ask that you remove all children, cover the bouncer with a tarp and both unplug and remove the blower to a dry area. The bouncer should remain staked/ sandbagged to the ground at all times until it has been removed from use by our staff.

You are responsible for all damages due to negligence due to leaving unit operating during inclement weather.