The state of Oregon does NOT regulate the use or rental of bounce houses. It is up to the individual companies, and even the consumer to beĀ educated on the risks and precautions. You should NEVER hire a bounce house company who does not carry liability insurance to protect both you as the consumer, but the company itself. Bounce houses can be dangerous when not operated or maintained properly. A commercial liability insurance policy that covers the equipment that you are renting is the only line of defense that you have as a consumer. In most cases, renters insurance or even a homeowners policy will not cover you for liability when an injury occurs at your home while a guest is playing on a rented bounce house.

What we provide:

  • $1,000,000 commercial liability policy
  • The ability to list organizations such as schools and parks as additional insured if required
  • Low accident rate
  • An 11-year safety record
  • Impeccable customer service and reliability from a brand you already know and trust.